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  1. Most Common FAQs
  2. Can I watch the NBA Playoffs live with my NBA LEAGUE PASS subscription?
  3. How do I launch NBA LEAGUE PASS?
  4. How do I set up my NBA LEAGUE PASS Account?
  5. How Do I Update My Account Information?
  6. I have purchased NBA LEAGUE PASS from my cable/satellite provider. How do I activate NBA LEAGUE PASS Digital?
  7. I'm unable to watch my local team's games on NBA LEAGUE PASS!
  8. Verizon go90 Mobile LEAGUE PASS users click here for support
  9. Why can't I log in to my mobile device with the NBA LEAGUE PASS account I used last year?
  1. Account
  2. NBA Account Value Proposition Are there opportunities to win prizes and contests?
  3. General How do I change my account information, profile, and settings?
  4. General How do I change my email address?
  5. General How do I create an Account?
  6. General How do I retrieve or change my password?
  7. NBA Account Value Proposition How do I sign up to receive free newsletters and offer emails?
  8. NBA Account Value Proposition How do I unsubscribe to free newsletters and offers?
  9. General How does the NBA use the data collected on, and
  10. General I already have an account, where do I sign in?
  11. General I am interested in being a NBA LEAGUE PASS subscriber. Do I need a account?
  12. More...
  2. NBA SINGLE GAME Are NBA SINGLE GAME purchases only for live games?
  3. Subscription Information As an NBA TEAM PASS subscriber, can I reset my team choice?
  4. General Can I access NBA LEAGUE PASS on my mobile device if I bought NBA LEAGUE PASS Digital?
  5. NBA SINGLE GAME Can I buy a previously aired game?
  6. NBA SINGLE GAME Can I purchase a game that was not originally aired live on NBA LEAGUE PASS?
  7. General Can I subscribe to NBA LEAGUE PASS Digital without the TV subscription?
  8. General Can I watch local broadcasts on NBA LEAGUE PASS Digital?
  9. General Can I watch NBA All-Star Weekend events in NBA LEAGUE PASS?
  10. General Can I watch preseason games with NBA LEAGUE PASS in the United States?
  11. General Can I watch the NBA Playoffs and NBA Finals with NBA LEAGUE PASS Digital?
  12. More...
  1. NBA Playoffs
  2. Can I watch the NBA Playoffs live with my NBA LEAGUE PASS subscription?